How do we proceed?

My goal is to exceed your expectations. Essential to achieving this is clear communication of your project’s objectives and its important points. Because every project is unique, an email or a phone call to 503-735-1925 will allow me to answer your questions. I’ll be able to qualify the service you need, clarify a schedule, assure you of cost, and confirm shipping and billing arrangements. Although I offer standardized pre-priced photo services, my objective is to keep it flexible enough to meet your unique needs.

The following are some of the business practices I follow:

Work Process

Once I receive the jewelry I will look it over, check on the service you’ve requested and see if I have any questions. If you have included an email address I take couple of photos and send them to you to be sure I am producing the images you want. Emailing photos allows me to show you what I am doing and get your feed back on the photos. Once we have a set of photos that you like I will. I will finish up with any Photoshop clean up that might be needed and burn a CD if the final images. Finally I will send your merchandise back to you and finish the billing process.


When sending your project to be photographed, please include a note with the following:

  1. Details of what you want done
  2. A list of the items you are sending and their replacement value (memo it)
  3. Your contact information (if you include an email I can send you digital proofs)
  4. Return Shipping instructions – your address and insurance amount
  5. Billing Information – you may need to include a deposit


I request a 50% deposit on your first photographic project, with the balance billed on a net 10 days of invoice date. For subsequent projects a credit line can be established with billing on a net 10 days of invoice date.

Return Shipping of Your Merchandise

Because of the wide variation in the value of jewelry and gems as well as insurance charges, return shipping of your merchandise will be invoiced as a separate line item. I use the United States Postal Service to return all jewelry and gemstones by registered or insured mail unless you make other shipping arrangements. Be sure to include the merchandise replacement insurance value with your order. In 35 years I have never experienced a loss with registered mail, and have found it to be secure and reliable, albeit sometimes slower.

Shipping of the Project

Photographic project are shipped by first class mail if not included with your merchandise. If quicker delivery is needed the cost will be added to your invoice. For printing and other project the shipping is additional and will be F.O.B. Portland, OR or F.O.B. the printer loading dock.

Jewelry Kept Secure

Your jewelry and gemstones are secure in my possession. When not being photographed, I store them in a TL-30 safe. My loss of merchandise coverage limit is $20,000. If your merchandise is of greater value, please contact me to discuss arrangements. I have never lost any merchandise in my career as a photographer.


My Photographs and my other original creative work is cover by International Copyright Law. Copyright usage for an original photograph or creative work is not transferred to the client until payment is received in full and has cleared the bank. The copyright usage being granted is stated on your invoice or is state in my price list.


All work that is to be completed in less than normal stated working time, and can be completed in less time, is subject to a rush charge of 100%.

Original Work

Each photograph is an original creative work. I can try to match past work I have done for you but because of a number of variable it will never be exactly the same.

General Working Agreement

Projects are subject to my General Working Agreement unless otherwise stated.

Prices are effective November 2013 and are subject to change without notice. Van Rossen PhotoGraphics reserves the right to make corrections for all typographic errors made on this web site.