Jewelry Catalog Photography

The jewelry catalog for years was crucial print media piece for jewelry manufacturers and special occasion retail jeweler promotions. As the Internet became more predominant in our lives more of what a jewelry catalog was for has moved online. In 2012 this trend started to change. The multi functional jewelry catalog is beginning to return in the roles it once served in the marketing and advertising mix. Why? Because a jewelry catalog, properly delivered, can really get in your customers face like the Internet has never been able to do. Second it cost much less to do a catalog today then it did ten years ago. The key to making it effective is proper evaluation and implementation of its place in your marketing matrix.

The following are sample pages from catalogs I have done. Some are from a while ago and were all film. Some are mix of film, scan, and Photoshop build. There are some that are all digital. They are many design option today for a catalog from doing a re-order catalog on the cheep to excellent designer catalogs at moderate prices.