Classic Jewelry Photo Price

Classic Jewelry Photo Service Prices

The clean, sophisticated ‘Classic’ jewelry photo is one I have been producing for years. This ‘Classic’ look produces a clear, sharp, and well-defined photo of a single piece of jewelry. With this style the lighting gives excellent form and definition to the piece but also, in combination with the background, draws the eye to the jewelry. To help bring out the special features of a uniquely challenging piece of jewelry, I can make small modifications to the basic set-up.

Cube_RingThis set-up has become a mainstay for many of my customers. It offers an excellent quality photograph of the jewelry and is one of the few set-ups that works well in both black-and-white and color. This makes it excellent for use in newspaper and color print advertising. It is an excellent choice for juried shows and, as you can see, it also looks good on a website.

I have used the ‘Classic’ format extensively, making it a highly efficient one to set up and resulting in an attractive photo for you at an economical price. You can see more examples of this set up in the Classic Photo section of my portfolio.

What This Service Offers

  • A clear, sharp photograph of a single piece of jewelry
  • A distinctive and dynamic look that complements most jewelry designs
  • Quick turn-around time for both your jewelry and the photographs, minimizing the time your jewelry is out of the showcase, away from your customer, or off the road
  • Pre-set pricing so you know what the final cost will be right from the start
  • High-resolution Digital Photography – ready for ads, publishing, printing, zappapp or for making into slides
  • I transfer all reproduction rights to you upon receipt of payment in full, saving you additional usage charges

Special Consideration:

Antique_Diamond_RingMy clients’ expectations have proven to be high for the ‘Classic’ setup and results are usually excellent, but this setup does have its limitations:

The price quoted is for one picture of a single piece of jewelry, taken from one point of view. If instructions are not included for angle and direction of view, or for which background to use, I will use my best judgment. After 30 years of shooting jewelry I can usually determine the best view for a piece of jewelry. You will have a chance to approve a digital proof, so you can make corrections before final delivery of the photo.

The photographs produced with the ‘Classic’ service are extremely sharp and detailed. Any pits, porosity, scratches, file marks, bad setting, or other flaws in a piece of jewelry will show up in the photograph. This also applies to any mounted gemstone. To achieve the best possible photographic result, please send clean and freshly polished jewelry. For an additional fee, I can touch up many problems using Photoshop to make a piece look perfect.

This set up is for small jewelry items. The piece fit in an 8 inch by 8 inch area. If you have item larger then this please contact me to see what we might arrange.

Photo Usage:

Red_Stone_Pendant‘Classic’ photographs have been used for newspaper ads, magazine ads, new product publicity, brochures, post cards, multi-photo catalogs, portfolios, wall decor, point-of-purchase displays, jury slides, and more. This is a good advertising workhorse photograph for use in black-and-white (RGB file can be converted in Photoshop) and color. The main limitation comes in how much you can enlarge the photograph. These digital files can produce excellent 16×20 digital prints with little interpolation.


The basic per photo charge is $50 each with a minimum of three photos so $150 minimum (one photo per one piece of jewelry; a pair of earrings or a wedding engagement set is considered to be one piece). For larger quantities (25 or more) please contact me for a price.

This price does not include the return shipping charge for jewelry (insurance charges can vary greatly) but does include everything else.

Turn Around Time

I make every effort to photograph and return your jewelry promptly. I understand that this is your inventory and you want to minimize the time it is out of your possession. If you have booked a studio time, and once I receive your jewelry, I try to have it back in the mail to you within three to five working days.

Group Photo

Trio_Ring_GroupYou may wish to have more than one piece of jewelry in the picture. If so, the ‘Classic’ setup also works well with a pair, a trio, or a very small group of pieces (this is not for catalog pages). Pricing is based on the ‘Classic’ jewelry photo plus a $5 per piece additional charge. Because of the depth-of-field limitations in a group setup, I usually have to compose the shot. Other restrictions may also apply, so we will need to discuss your project to be sure it will work in this format.